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Maricopa County AZ Bathtub Refinishing

Maricopa County AZ bathtub refinishing delivery reglazing services for fiberglass, cast Iron, Marble, Formica, porcelain bathtub refinishing Bernardo Zuluaga is NAPCO certified and owner-operator we have a bathtub refinishing school in 5604 West Campbell Ave Phoenix AZ

Bathtub Customization Affordable

We offer customization for elderly people that need easy tubs, man or woman who chooses age must look into variations in the home for the bathroom, in particular, the bathtub to prevent accidents or boost safety. One option is to change the tub that provides an entry and exit much easier Maricopa County AZ bathtub refinishing makes safe when compared to a traditional bathtub.

Walk-In Bathtub Is Expensive

An alternate option to modify the bathroom would be to replace a standard bathtub by using a walk-in tub, however, choices are very expensive.

dult wants to maintain their existing bathtub because they can not afford to replace it all, you will discover less expensive modifications that I in person can certainly make for you be made to reduce slips and slides and falls in the tub.

Maricopa County AZ Resurfacing

One adjustment is always to put in a basic safety bar to the bathtub Maricopa County AZ, while another is to install safe practices guards. Those two simple customizations will help avoid falls and falls within the tub.

Bathtub Modification Maricopa County AZ

Another modification for that bathtub, which happens to be less expensive than replacing the bath or shower, is to cut the tub, I am going to open a door in the bathtub, smaller remodel it is an option that I personally make easier Maricopa County AZ bathtub refinishing, and it is as new, the difference is faster and inexpensive.

Bathtub Refinishing Customization

For easier Maricopa County AZ bathtub refinishing the customization that I personally do what allows older people to enter, leave the bathroom, or just join a chair safely any chair or bench get into the bathtub by lifting both legs, one at a time, on your wall of the bathtub.

Entering the bathtub while sitting reduces the risk of slips and falls dangerous for the elderly, for this I recommend the use of a slip-resistant surface.

Owner operator certified

tub reglazing laveen az

Laveen AZ tub reglazing service

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Bathtub refinishing Maricopa County Certified

Certified, licensed, insured A decade inside the Refinishing Market Bathtub refinishing school spending so much time for Kitchen, bathtubs Refinishing is really a 100 % warranted business

We are Bathtub reglazing Maricopa County AZ repairs and refinish Showers, Sinks, and Countertops. We will fix in addition to refinish Porcelain, Formica, fiberglass, and cultured marble.

I can Repair Any Problem

Your own products are good for Chips, Holes, Burn off marks, as well as delamination of the previously mentioned surfaces, or if you just better half an upgraded to buy new good bathtub refinishing will be the strategy to renew the bathroom or Kitchen budget-friendly and more rapidly.

We will also restore any job little or big which are poorly sprayed often without the need to respray the surface.

Prices average Maricopa County AZ bathtub Refinishing:

  • Bathtub refinishing Maricopa County AZ works $200.00 up to $350.00 according to the measurements
  • Formica Kitchen countertop resurfacing runs from $180.00 up to $550.00.
  • Bathroom sink and countertop resurfacing runs from $85.00 to $150.00.

The more work performed the better the price break, Please call, or text photos for a free quote. Bath Refinishing Laveen AZ 623-7920017


Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express accepted.


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Bathtub Reglazing Maricopa County AZ

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