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Bathtub refinishing Phoenix AZ

Bathtub refinishing Phoenix AZ  is Bernardo Zuluaga is a licensed owner-operator got the certification from Napco Chicago, the best school in the world for the finish of the bathtub. He is an instructor within the school and even operates in commercial and residential areas in Phoenix, AZ.


  • Bathtubs
  • Fiberglass shower and tub units
  • Shower stalls
  • Shower trays
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Bathroom countertops and vanities
  • Tile walls and wood siding
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Kitchen countertops and backsplashes
  • We also offer repair services for chipped and cracked accessories, and more!

Tub Resurfacing is Technology

We hope that will the all of our members of our team provide the following experience:

  • HVLP spray experience
  • Experience in fiberglass painting
  • Experience with Fiberglas epoxy
  • Bilingual

Professional and Healthy Jobs

Whenever we work in your property require out of the painting fume or paint particles using should you have a window in the bathroom, the vapors will be ventilated using your window and the fumes the odor will be minimal.

If you have a bathroom without any windows, the exhaust system will be placed in the closest available window closest to the bathroom, and the fumes and odor will be directed to that window.

Keep in mind that the actual spraying process only lasts 30 minutes and once the fumigation process is finished, the fumes and odor will disperse outside the house in 10 minutes. Naturally, you’ll still have an odor of paint inside the bathroom where the work was done successfully.

After Finish Job

The door will close every time the job is finished, and the odor in the toilet will usually disappear as the new finish dries out. How durable is the finish? Finishing the bathtub Phoenix, AZ uses one of the best urethane products in the country. The new urethanes that can be obtained today are incredible! They look like porcelain, are meant to be submerged in water and are very durable.

Restoring Tile

The restored tile will last much longer since the tile is not commonly submerged in hot water and is not subject to the same chemical abuse as a bathtub, With general use, your new finish will last 10 to 15 years at the period, you can necessarily have a finish again. Much less complicated than starting a tub every 15 to 20 years and much less expensive.

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Is white the only color available?

No, you can have your new finish in virtually any color in the sunshine, We’ve made color wherever, from pastel purple to chocolate brown. However, the most commonly used color is white Kohler or white, bone, biscuit or almond. Finishing the bathtub Youngtown, AZ can customize its color for almost any existing toilet, sink or tile.

What happens if my bathtub has splinters?

Bathtub Refinishing Phoenix, AZ, is usually solved in the preparation process. The larger chips and cracks are filled with a different filler and then with the primer, smaller scratches and cracks are filled with the introduction. When the work has completed any tab, the cracks or scratches are definitely invisible, as if they had never been there.

Are you able to re-paint bathtubs?

Definitely with Bathtub Bath Phoenix, AZ! Claw-foot tubs are our favorite. They have so much nostalgia for them and when they are really finished, there is something about the look of an old old-fashioned bathtub with legs with a beautiful and completely new finish. In fact, they function as a centerpiece of any bathroom.

 What happens if my bathtub has rust spots?

Many very old bathtubs and, in some cases, the newer ones can have stains of iron oxide in the water or real rust in which the porcelain has worn out and oxidized the original cast iron frame.

Throughout the Bathtub Refinishing Phoenix, AZ, preparation process, any rust is cleaned, filled and completely filled to make sure you do not have problems with rust creeping through your new finish.

Do you need to remove the drain?

Generally, in most situations, it is not required to remove the drain. In case your metal drainage ring when the waterfalls is new or in excellent condition, there isn’t any reason why the drain should be removed also we are giving service in Youngtown AZ just give a call,. If you had been making plans to replace your drainage ring now or in a short while, you would want it to be accomplished right before the bathtub was renewed.

Also, if there is rust near the drain ring or maybe if the porcelain across the drain ring has worn down to the first black cast iron. You should, at a minimum, remove the drainage ring to make sure that the oxidation is easy to remove from