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Bathtub refinishing Surprise AZ

Bathtub refinishing Surprise AZ we are tile Refinishing and Reglazing too is the most economical way to transform a tub or entire bathroom for just a fraction of a bathroom remodeling We are serving Phoenix valley wide Maricopa County cities for the last 10 years.

Market Price New vs Refinishing

If we compare the national average price for a small bathroom remodeling project that is between $ 8,000 to $ 15,000 to reglazing services that start as low as $ 300 to $ 450 for a regular size bathtub and up to $ 1,400 for an entire small bathroom the price difference is enormous. As you can see here, the savings could be on the thousands in Youngtown AZ we remodel tubs for handicap people.

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Why are we able to offer such good pricing?

Answer; We are a small local company bathtub refinishing Surprise AZ that doesn’t have a significant cost to do business costs like; a fancy office, brand new cars, salesmen, or subcontractors. We are an Owner Operated bathtub and tile refinishing/reglazing company. We are not a franchise or a big national company. Doing business this way we are able to lower our prices and everyone wins.

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Did you know that preparation is the KEY

So don’t let other companies make you believe that they have a miracle coating. If 90% of a bathtub refinishing Surprise work is in the preparation that ruins your bathtub restoration work using cheap material, here at Bathtub refinishing school and tile reglazing.

We specialize in all kinds of the tub and tile repairs. Repairs that do not only cause you to be tub look like original but additionally are long term repairs.

We Teaching You How to Repair Ugly Tubs

Do you have an ugly chip on your bathtub that you want to restore it like it was never present there? Did you know that a chip on a tub could keep getting worst and worst and rust could start developing creating a significant problem if it’s not fixed promptly?

 Would you like to replace the drain?

Will be your plastic or fiberglass bathtub soft, shaky or it has a crack on the bottom. Please save the cast iron tub and stay away from a lot of cash performing a permanent repair rather than replacing the bathtub.

Bathtub Remodel Handicap People

Bathtub remodels handicap people making a bathroom accessible to individuals who have an inability can significantly boost their quality of life within the home. Bathrooms have specific challenges for those who use wheelchairs or walkers, or who have mobility problems we do this job in Youngtown AZ each week.

Handicap Need Friendly and accessible Bathtub!

Solving these problems during a can help to make your shower room a lot more user-friendly and accessible for elderly or disabled persons in the residential. If you are modifying the bathroom for a person who works with a wheelchair or a walker, ensure that the entrance for the bathroom is big enough for her to enter comfortably.

Door and Other Modifications

Usually, as a consequence expanding the doorway to about 36 inches wide to accommodate a turn from a hallway into the bathroom. Additionally, once inside the bathroom, the person using a walker or wheelchair needs enough space to turn around completely.

This turning radius is generally 60 inches of clear area in the center of the bathroom. We Can do that for you, affordable and fast.